Bicycle Accessories

Throttle Set

✪ Full Accelerator Grip | ✪ Key Lock Protected | ✪ LCD Display

₹ 1500

36v, 3A Charger

✪ Auto-Cut off Mode | ✪ In-Built Cooling Fan

₹ 1800

36v controller

Compatible with Jaguar, Hybrid, Ladies, Eco-lit electric cycles | electric kit

₹ 1500

E-brake levers Pair Metallic

Compatible with Jaguar, Hybrid, Ladies, Eco-lit electric cycles | electric kit

₹ 1500

36v 250watt Bldc Motor

✪ Geared Motor | ✪ IP65 water Proof

₹ 5990

36v, 7.5 AH Battery

✪ Advanced In-Built BMS | ✪ IP65 Water Proof

₹ 10990

36v, 10 AH Battery

✪ Advanced In-Built BMS | ✪ IP65 Water Proof

₹ 13990

Pedal Assistant

✪ European Model| ✪ Automatic 12 Magnet

₹ 500

Alloy Carrier

Compatible with All Models

₹ 1200

Rechargeable Light Horn

✪ Rechargeable | ✪ Easy To Install Compatible with all models

₹ 400

26T Electric Cycle spokes

Compatible with Jaguar, Hybrid, Ladies, Eco-lit electric cycles | electric kit

₹ 400

Gel Seat Cover

Compatible with all models

₹ 400

Iron Mudguards Pair

Compatible with 26T MTB models

₹ 500

3 Gear Crankset

Compatible with all 21 gears models

₹ 1000

Single Speed Crankset

Compatible with all Single Speed models

₹ 500

Universal Bottle Holder

Compatible with all models

₹ 300

Universal Mobile Holder

Compatible with all models

₹ 400

Fat Bike Mudguards Set

Compatible with all fat bike models

₹ 400

Single Speed Crankset

Compatible with all single models

₹ 500

Fat bike Back Hub

Compatible with all Fat bike models

₹ 500

MTB Mudguards

Compatible with all MTB models

₹ 300

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Trust You?

We care for every customer. Every day we work to make every important aspect of the Customer Experience a little bit better. Please check our Customer Gallery.

What are the available payments methods?

We offer UPI, Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallet, Net banking & Bank payments. Cash on delivery is available only for specific locations.

Do I have to fit my bike?

Voltebyk bicycles are 90% assembled to make sure product fits in the box and rest need to be fitted by the customer. We assemble the complete bike, except for the wheels, seat post, handle bars, pedals, and any other components that you may need to fit to your bike.

What about delivery charges?

We offer FREE delivery to all our customers. We use the best delivery method to make sure the product reaches the customer in time. For most of the locations, voltebyk offers free delivery for products purchased from official website.

Can I use my Voltebyk in the rain?

Yes, all Voltebyk bikes electrics are safely housed to protect them whilst cycling in even the worst weather. It is essential however that after riding in wet weather to remove the battery and dry the battery housing and terminals with a cloth or towel. (Don’t fully submerge the bike in water or wash your frame using a pressure washer.)

Can any cycle shop service my electric cycle?

Our Electric bike motors are “maintenance free” meaning that the servicing required can be met by any standard cycle shop.

Are Voltebyk road legal and do I need a license to ride one?

In India, if you’re 14 or over you don’t need a licence to ride electric bikes that meet the requirements. E-bikes do not need to be registered, taxed or insured. The requirements are: 1. The bike must have pedals that can be used to propel it 2. The electric motor shouldn’t be able to propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph 3. The motor shouldn’t have a maximum power output of more than 250 watts

What happens if I run out of battery while cycling?

The battery has four LEDs to show you the amount of charge left. However if you run out of battery you can also pedal just like a standard bicycle.

How does “pedal assist” work?

When you pedal, the motor is automatically activated and will give you an appropriate amount of power depending on your pedalling. So when going uphill, move to a higher power level and enjoy!

How do I secure the battery?

Our batteries lock into the bike with a key. The battery also detaches from the frame so you can remove it from the bike when locking it up, if you choose to. All our batteries come with at least 2 keys. Allowing you to keep a spare in a safe place in case you misplace your primary key.

Do I have to remove the battery to charge it?

You do not! Our batteries have a port on them that allows them to be charged while still on the bike.

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