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Warranty Details

⁎ Bicycles from are great in specifications. Promoting other company bikes by comparing with the bikes sold on voltebyk without initial intimation may subject to legal actions on the promoter.

✦ Warranty is applicable only for the original owner of voltebyk cycle and is not transferable to subsequent owners.
✦ Warranty won't be applicable for mechanical parts.
✦ Warranty won't be applicable if the bikes are subjected to improper fitting, improper maintainace, modifications done from local shop, damage caused by accidents, Performing stunts with bike, misuse, exposing to fire, submerging in water, damage caused by external factors.
✦ Warranty won't be applicable for external factors

» When used for stunts.

» When modified the bike without intimation.

» When bike is riddden exceeding the load limit mentioned on a bike.

» when bike is theft, sold, or rented.

» When bike is damaged by modifications, chemicals and hammering.

✦ Components for the bike can be purchased from the company. Compontents charges & delivery charges are the responsibiity of the cycle's owner.
✦ Company is not responsible for the delay in product/components arrival as it is totally depends upon the third party services choosen by the cycle's owner.
✦ Any issues regarding the bike fitting or bike usage should be reported to the company at , threating\warning the sales team regarding the issue is consider as abuse and may leads to violation of support and service from the company.
✦ Any issue in bike can be reported on service page of . Without letting us know your issue we can't resolve it.
✦ Creating fake content regarding the company by using the bikes sold by voltebyk are consider as serious violation of company reputation and may have to face legal issues.

May Subject ot legal issues

✦ Customer is not allowed to make fake content by using th bikes sold by voltebyk
✦ Reporting false content about the company on social media is not allowed.
✦ Creating bad Reviews on the company without initial intimation to may leads to void the services and support from the company.
✦ Any issues regaring the bike needs to be initially reported to the staff at or at service page. Without letting us the issue and if customer tries to make the bad feedback on the company is consider as promotion of fake news from the compititors and may subject to cancellation of all services.
✦ Issues needs to be reported only on the service page or by mail. Using other platforms for reporting issue may not be considered.
✦ spreading false statements on social media regaring the company is not allowed.
✦ Youtubers are not allowed to make fake/negative videos on the bikes sold by voltebyk.
✦ Any issues needs to be informed to the company first before creating the content that is againt the voltebyk.

Refund Policy

✦ Refund Policy: Cancellation or refund policy are approved on case to case basis at the discretion of the management. As per the guidelines provided at the initial stage it is the agreement between the client and company which has no effect with online payment services. If the customer leaves M/s. NIST Institute Pvt. Ltd, before they complete their course training, there shall be no entitlement to a refund of paid service fees. Refunds, if applicable, at the discretion of the Management, will only be made to the debit/credit card used for the original transaction. For the avoidance of doubt nothing in this Policy shall require them M/s. NIST Institute Pvt. Ltd to refund the Fees (or part thereof) unless such Fees (or part thereof) have previously been paid. In no event will M/s. NIST Institute Pvt. Ltd be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the use, inability to use, or the results of use of this site, any websites linked to this site, or the materials or information contained at any or all such sites, whether based on warranty, contract, tort or any other legal theory and whether or not advised of the possibility of such damages. The Company shall not be any way responsible or pay any compensation for any down-time that may occur.


Bicycles from are great in specifications. Bicycles are sold only at , and at store located near main branch.

✦ Warranty is applicable on Battery for only 12 Months from the date of purchase on an Electric Bicycle as per the terms of use.
✦ Warranty is applicable on Hub Motor for only 6 Months from the date of purchase on an Electric Bicycle as per terms of use.
✦ Warranty doesn't applicable for Controller as it depends upon the terms of use for an Electric Bicycle.
✦ Warranty applicable on Bicycle frame for 1 year as per the terms of use.
✦ Warranty is applicable only for the Bicycle Frame when purchased as an Normal bicycle instead of Electric cycle. (*Warranty Not applicable for the gears, seat, tires, brakes, etc.)
✦ Battery needs to be charged atleast once in every 30 days to maintain a better battery life.
✦ Company is not responsible for the damage caused by the Transportation department as the transportation are the third party services choosen based on Customer request.
✦ Warranty is void if the stickers on the bike were removed.
✦ Company is not responsible for the damage occured in product transport.

Terms of Use

✦ Warranty is Void if Product is damaged externally.
✦ Warranty is void if Components were damaged externally.
✦ Warranty is void if Motor was opened.
✦ Warranty is void if Battery is Opened.
✦ Warranty is void if Bicycle is Overloaded.
✦ Warranty is void if service were done from external Providers.
✦ Warranty is void if tried to changed the provided components.
✦ Warranty is void if Bicycle is not used for a long period of time.

VOLT E BYK Electric Bicycles

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